The Most Beautiful Suicide / Robert C. Wiles / Source

The death of Evelyn McHale eternally captured

May 1, 1947, was the last day of Evelyn McHale’s life. It was also the day that her death would be forever immortalized in a photo that would be later dubbed “The Most Beautiful Suicide”.

Evelyn McHale in Life

Evelyn’s life before her tragic death is very vague. She was born in Berkeley, California…

Some of their homecomings were as baffling as their disappearances

Photo by Camellia Yang on Unsplash

Having a loved one go missing and never knowing what happened to them must be the ultimate torture. The uncertainty causes the families of the missing unable to find peace with their loss. They want to have hope that their loved one is still alive somewhere and will return to…

How a medical disorder transformed a normal boy into a legend

Maurice Tillet / Photo courtesy of

It’s 1940 in Boston, MA and stepping into the ring for the night’s main event was a wrestler that appeared to be more ogre than man. He is introduced as “The French Angel”. Spectators were baffled as there was nothing “angelic” about him. …

“The Kiss of Life” by Rocco Morabito / Source

The incredible story behind the iconic photo

In July 1967 in Jacksonville, FL, photographer Rocco Morabito was driving along West 26th Street, headed to an assignment. He passed a couple of linemen with the Jacksonville Electric Authority completing routine maintenance on a utility pole. On his way back from his assignment, it crossed his mind to stop…

Is the cold case finally solved after 20 years?

J.B. Beasley (left) and Tracie Hawlett (right) / Source

I recall being in high school and overhearing my mom and her friend discussing how two teenage girls had been murdered in a neighboring town. Murdered?? No one gets murdered here, especially two teenage girls. They were only a year older than me. It sounded like a story from the…

Are they born monsters or does their environment influence their need to kill?

Photo by Sierra Koder on Unsplash

We hear about them all the time, but what exactly is a serial killer?

A serial killer is a person who murders three or more people, often without an apparent motive and usually follows a consistent behavior pattern. …

The 12-year-old girl disappeared in 1984 and has never been found

(Left) Sherry Marler in 1984 at 12-years-old; (Right) Aged-progressed photo of Sherry at 44 / Source

Sherry Marler was known as “Little Farmer” by the people who knew her in Greenville, Alabama. It was obvious why this was her nickname, as she was described as a tomboy who loved anything to do with farming. She enjoyed just being a kid in a small, southern town, where…

Don’t call 911 for something that happened three weeks ago

Photo by NoWah Bartscher on Unsplash

“Quick! What’s the number for 911?!”

It’s a joke often made, but I honestly wouldn’t doubt if some of the callers I had in the past actually had to ask before calling. In the world of 9–1–1 dispatching, you talk to all types of people, from all different walks of…

The stories that give parents of missing children hope that their child could return


As a parent, the thought of your child being taken from you is horrifying. It is rare to see, but there have been cases of children returned to their families days, weeks, and even years after being abducted. It’s cases like these that parents hold onto when their child can’t…

An example of a well thought out plan that went hilariously awry

Photo by Sam Manns on Unsplash

“What time are we supposed to be there?”, I asked Shan as we tucked the pillows strategically under the covers.

“Midnight,” she said. Cade’s mom will be asleep by then.”

I did not like this. I was the good girl. Shan was the wild child. She didn’t care if we…

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