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Using my curiosity about the world to fuel the curiosities of others

Hi there! I’m Kassondra O’Hara, also known as Kassey to my friends. I’ve also been referred to as Kassie, Casey, Cassie, Kasey, Cassidy, Chasity, and most popular, Kathy to those that I’ve recently met. I was born in 1983 and even though it would make me older today, truly wish that I had been a teen during the 80s. I would have completely rocked that decade!

I did most of my maturing in the 90s, when my lack of height was in my favor, as your jean bottoms dragging the ground was actually considered super cool. I think growing up…

How a medical disorder transformed a normal boy into a legend

Maurice Tillet / Photo courtesy of

It’s 1940 in Boston, MA and stepping into the ring for the night’s main event was a wrestler that appeared to be more ogre than man. He is introduced as “The French Angel”. Spectators were baffled as there was nothing “angelic” about him. After winning his first fight with only two pinfalls, it was evident that Maurice Tillet, aka The French Angel, was on his way to stardom.

The Beginning

Maurice Tillet was born to French parents in Russia in 1903, but his father died when Maurice was only eight. He was given the nickname “angel” by his mother because of his…

Control the worst by being your best

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We have all had that one nightmare job. The one that the only positive was getting a paycheck. These bad jobs, however, eventually shape us into who we are, and we typically come out stronger in the end.

There is a difference between a bad job and a toxic work environment.

A bad job is left at the office. We do what we must and go home. A toxic work environment seeps into your soul. It changes you as a person and not for the better. It makes you question your entire being and damages your mental and physical health.

Jacob Miller lived with an open wound for 54 years

Private Jacob C. Miller after returning home from the Civil War

The Battle of Chickamauga was the most profound Union defeat of the Civil War and had the second-highest number of casualties after the Battle of Gettysburg. Jacob Miller was thought to be one of them and was left lying on the battlefield by his unit, a sacrifice to the cause.

On September 19, 1863, Private Jacob C. Miller of Company G, 113th Illinois Infantry was struck in the forehead, directly between the eyes by a musket ball while holding the line on Brock Field. The rest of his company had to retreat from their position near the Confederate line and…

Which do you think is the most influential?

John F. Kennedy delivering his inauguration speech January 20, 1961 / Source

We are currently at a turning point concerning the democracy of our nation. While there is an obvious transition in the White House, there is still a call for change in how the system works and is managed. The most influential POTUS speeches throughout our history have almost always coincided with major events that have concerned our nation. Their words embody what it means to not only be an American, but also a person of moral character.

1) Abraham Lincoln: Gettysburg Address — November 19, 1863

The Gettysburg Address is only ten sentences long but became one of the most famous speeches in the history of America. It took…

It’s not because I don’t think salons are worth it.

Photo by George Bohunicky on Unsplash

I colored my hair last night. Again. For the second time this month. I missed several grays around my hairline, so I looked like a Colobus monkey. It had to be fixed. Did I go to the salon? Nope. Just whipped out my box of L’Oreal Paris Excellence Cream and went to town.

I am 37 years old and would probably be fully gray/white if I didn’t consistently color my hair. I began my journey to Grayville in middle school, so hair coloring has become as normal as shaving. In fact, in the winter, I probably color my hair more…

Why I will never use the phrase “trigger warning” in any story other than this one

Photo by FLY:D on Unsplash

The phrase “trigger warning” was developed due to the concern that topics being discussed in an academic setting could trigger unwelcome or distressing memories or thoughts from some students. It has become standard in written works from magazine and newspaper articles to novels and essays when it is discussing sensitive material. The introduction is preceded by the absurd “Trigger Warning: This article contains references to *insert delicate topic here*.” I completely understand that there are readers who have experienced the most obscene types of trauma imaginable and my purpose is not to be insensitive to those persons.

What is our responsibility as writers?

As writers, we…

Are there “hidden people” in the land of fire and ice?

Photo by erin mckenna on Unsplash

Elves are mythological creatures that are both humanoid and supernatural. They are popular in fantasy, folklore, and fairy tales. In the United States, they are most commonly associated with Christmas. We were raised to believe that these little guys, with their pointy ears and curled shoes, help Santa Claus to make the toys for all of the good little boys and girls that would be delivered to them on Christmas. However, many cultures believe that elves are real, invisible beings that have real effects on the world around them.

Iceland is one place that the belief of elves has been…

Kassondra O'Hara

7 time Top Writer ~ Working mom who uses her curiosity to fuel the curiosities of others ~ Writes mostly history and true crime

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