The Most Beautiful Suicide / Robert C. Wiles / Source

The death of Evelyn McHale eternally captured

May 1, 1947, was the last day of Evelyn McHale’s life. It was also the day that her death would be forever immortalized in a photo that would be later dubbed “The Most Beautiful Suicide”.

Evelyn McHale in Life

Evelyn’s life before her tragic death is very vague. She was born in Berkeley, California…

Some of their homecomings were as baffling as their disappearances

Photo by Camellia Yang on Unsplash

Having a loved one go missing and never knowing what happened to them must be the ultimate torture. The uncertainty causes the families of the missing unable to find peace with their loss. They want to have hope that their loved one is still alive somewhere and will return to…

“The Kiss of Life” by Rocco Morabito / Source

The incredible story behind the iconic photo

In July 1967 in Jacksonville, FL, photographer Rocco Morabito was driving along West 26th Street, headed to an assignment. He passed a couple of linemen with the Jacksonville Electric Authority completing routine maintenance on a utility pole. On his way back from his assignment, it crossed his mind to stop…

True crime buff? How many of these did you already know?

ePhoto by Sammy Williams on Unsplash

The Hillside Stranglers Almost Killed a Celebrity’s Daughter

Hillside Stranglers, Angelo Buono, Jr. and Kenneth Bianchi, were convicted of kidnapping, raping, and torturing girls and women ranging in age from 12–28 years old in the Los Angeles area during the late 1970s.

While talking to a young woman that they had picked up and plan to assault and…

Photo by Derek Lee on Unsplash

“It takes an earthquake to remind us that we walk on the crust of an unfinished planet.” — Charles Kuralt

Location and population density are two factors that determine the death toll when an earthquake occurs. Although there have been stronger earthquakes recorded, just these ten have collectively killed over 2.5 million people.

Nine of the deadliest earthquakes in human history took place in Asia. …

The 12-year-old girl disappeared in 1984 and has never been found

(Left) Sherry Marler in 1984 at 12-years-old; (Right) Aged-progressed photo of Sherry at 44 / Source

Sherry Marler was known as “Little Farmer” by the people who knew her in Greenville, Alabama. It was obvious why this was her nickname, as she was described as a tomboy who loved anything to do with farming. She enjoyed just being a kid in a small, southern town, where…

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