Using my curiosity about the world to fuel the curiosities of others


How a medical disorder transformed a normal boy into a legend

Maurice Tillet / Photo courtesy of

The Beginning

She used her notoriety to bring awareness to HIV, AIDS, and the LGBTQ Community

Princess Diana shaking the hand of AIDS patient, Ivan Cohen in 1987

Jim Rice carries Jonathan Keane

The most amazing thing that Rice ever did in a Red Sox uniform wasn’t even on the field

August 7, 1982. Fenway Park. Season opener.

Boston Red Sox versus the Chicago White Sox.

The Red Sox were down 3–0 on their own field.

Tragedy struck before its completion, leaving it an unfinished symbol of heartache

Boldt Castle

Before Susan Smith, there was Diane Downs

Diane, Danny, Christie, and Cheryl Downs

A quote from my 6 year old at bedtime. He finally slept. I did not.

Photo by bady abbas on Unsplash

The incredible rescue that captivated the entire world

A rescuer carries baby Jessica to an awaiting ambulance/ Source

The Baby in the Well

Photo by Julián Gentilezza on Unsplash

Tech entrepreneur and new dad Philippe Kahn took the first cell phone picture ever

Kassondra O'Hara

Working mom who uses my curiosity to fuel the curiosities of others. I write mostly on history and true crime with some life advice thrown in for good measure.

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